Rotary Club Atheneum București

Rotary Club Bucharest Atheneum, founded in 2001 as part of Rotary International, is a charity organization that brings together professionals from various fields to provide humanitarian services to the society, to promote high ethical standards and to facilitate friendship between people.

Through the international work of Rotary Club Bucharest Atheneum we aim to improve relationships between people and help promote world peace.



Turning wine bottles back into sand


A club in Washington’s wine country uses a novel approach to keep glass out of the landfill. Turning wine bottles back into sand

Leveraging expertise with Ashoka


Leveraging expertise with AshokaRotary’s partnership with Ashoka brings together the vision of Ashoka’s social entrepreneurs with the local expertise of Rotary members to inspire innovation that can solve problems, create leaders, and Leveraging expertise with Ashoka

Engagement through experiences


During the COVID-19 pandemic’s initial U.S. wave in 2020, Detroit, Michigan, was one of many cities where first responders and medical personnel needed more personal protective equipment. A Rotary club in India learned about the situation and contacted its … Read More

Using district resource networks


For a long time, the incredible amount of knowledge within Rotary that could help clubs create more effective and sustainable projects was scattered and difficult to access. The creation of district resource networks has remedied that.People can think of … Read More